Anthony Paul is based in the UK, where he designs intimate garden all over the world. He features colorful masses of plantings to gain some pretty dramatic personal gardens. ‘Great planting is the key to all stunning gardens and arrangement, choice and setting are paramount to good design. My large groupings create the drama in […]

Our good friend Travis has been working with beautiful plants at Far South Nursery in Austin, Texas. His photos show the beauty of everyday life outside, working with the dirt. Follow his Instagram or click over to our newly created Facebook album for more amazing photos!!

these lovely photographs taken by Antonell Ozoffoli .

Visiondivision was commissioned by the Indianapolis Museum of Art to create an innovative concession stand for the 100 Acres: The Virginia B. Fairbanks Art & Nature Park. The design is based on the universal notion that you need to sacrifice something in order to make something new. Every product is a compound of different pieces […]

    a site rethinking the relationship between nature and people.   The museum has a large area and is deliberately labyrinthine. We go through dark corridors, we find ourselves in bright rooms, you climb the stairs in a skylight, it soon descends a slope obscure … It was designed by architect Tadao Ando and opened its doors […]

  Calvin Seibert Flickr

Paintings by Diego Gravinese. Take a second to really wrap your mind around these first three images…

Hönshus-1 is a wooden chicken coop designed and built by Torsten Ottesjö on the west coast of Sweden. The house was designed to mimic the way a mother hen spreads her wings to protect its young and is programmed to reproduce natural lighting conditions.  The structure also clings to the rocks in the same manner as the chickens […]

One might assume these serene images are an instantly found. But hold your preconceptions for one second while we inform you that Daniel Kukla, the photographer, spent a solid month in a tiny cabin in the notoriously lonely Joshua Tree desert in order to get this project just right.

Nearly 400 trees will be cut down in Inglewood and South L.A. to make room for the space shuttle Endeavour as it rolls through the streets of Los Angeles. “While we sincerely regret the loss of many majestic trees which have aided this community for decades, what we accomplished through this agreement is a greener […]

In 1969, Christo and Jeanne-Claude directed a team of mountain climbers, workers and volunteers in wrapping 2.5 kilometres of Sydney coastline with more than 90,000 square metres of fabric. It was not only the first Kaldor Public Art Project but one of the most important early environmental or land art works anywhere in the world […]

“Pause”, a brilliant photo series by Özant Kamaci. Toronto, Canada.   Via: BOOOOM, Ozant

  early pictorialist photography. Via::Form is Void; wiki

pagodas, mausoleums, woods, et cetera photography by Andrew Polushkin   Via: Form is Void, Andrew Polushkin

photography of Thomas Jackson Via: This_is_Colossal, Artist’s website

candy geography Via: wiki, paradise_express


The popularity of bonsai has spread to practically every corner of Earth. Now you often can find people selling truckloads of bonsai in parking lots and street corners. Bonsai lovers range from the masters who can sell pieces for thousands of dollars to the novices who can barely keep their store-bought plant alive. The new […]

Photos from the Polish photographers Kedrovsky Marek and Krystof Brovko. Moravia – the historical region of the Czech Republic to the east of the Czech Republic. This is the edge of the meadow forests, vineyards and fertile fields. Via: ODDstuff_Magazine 

“… I want to make something imagined, not recalled? I hear the noise of my own voice: The painter’s vision is not a lens, it trembles to caress the light…” A vision of  the american industrial landscape. Paintings by an American, Charles Sheeler.  Wiki  (excerpt from “Epilogue” by Robert Lowell)

Water settling in a quarry. Sun splashed shades of tan, off white, and cream. A giant mine and its processes. Via:BUTdoesITFLOAT

Yan Nascimbene got his start as a photographer in a Paris fashion studio. He studied at the School of Visual Arts in New York and at the University of California at Davis, and then in 1986 Nascimbene started working as an illustrator in Paris. Nascimbene’s illustrations have appeared in  Time, Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, Chicago […]

A conglomeration of what forms the void. Found @: FFFound

Swampy, ethereal tree portraits as well as humans, used as secondary elements in broad or intimate landscapes. Via: FFFound; Flickr

Satellite images acquired by the Landsat 7 satellite These images of earth seen from above give an impression of a different, unknown world. Perhaps DUNE! Via: BUT DOES IT FLOAT 

“What about the concrete block? It was the cheapest (and ugliest) thing in the building world. It lived mostly in the architectural gutter as an imitation of rock-faced stone. Why not see what could be done with that gutter rat? Steel rods cast inside the joints of the blocks themselves and the whole brought into some broad, practical scheme of general treatment, why would it not be fit for a new phase of our modern architecture? It might be permanent, noble beautiful.”

Jim Denevan’s canvases range from beaches, deserts, snow fields and ice packed waters. He creates a variation of  the “Golden ratio” and other ideas on a grandiose scale. Via : synapticstimuli; Artist’s website; Wiki

This photo series is from Jim Sanborn‘s “The Topographic Projections and Implied Geometries Series”. The long exposure photographs of enormous light projections give these existing landscapes a secondary position under the projected tracing light. Via: Today and Tomorrow; Wiki

Here’re a few photos from the series “Mimesis” by Barbara & Michael Leisgen. Simple & nice   Via:: PLOTZblitzSZPILMAN

Source: Online Masters In Public Health