Hello world!

I felt that this was appropriate.

The most recent graduating class of Texas A&M’s Landscape Architecture program have just been thrust into the real world. As we all went our separate ways, we began to notice that we still yearned the intellectual discussions that the educational environment facilitated. So here we are, trying to break into the cyber world and trying to create an environment for ourselves that allows a free exchange of our ideas and opinions.

There are 8 of us willing to engage in this discourse. Rules are overrated, so the topics are open to the hearts desire. The important factor of our blog is that, although we will draw inspiration from other sources, will be contributing our opinion and motivating a discussion that moves beyond the typical “that’s interesting” type responses.

Use this site for its collection of interesting articles, to enjoy our witty, cut throat analysis of the world as we see it, or to join the discussion and don’t hold back!


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