Koblenz Garden Show

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So remember the Koblenz castle where they were setting up the garden show, right before the winter and spring? Well I thought I might show the resulting product.

The federal Horticultural Show Koblenz 2011 was said to ‘dramatically transform the face of Koblenz the middle Rhine’s major town is being given a new, green visual identity.’ The places we visited were the Electral Palace, the Blumenhof courtyard and the Ehrenbreitstein fortress. The show is said to showcase a comprehensive range of recreational and cultural spaces for visitors. The exhibit is set amongst the broad landscape of the UNESCO World Heritage Site “Upper Middle Rhine Valley” but still within the context of the 2000 year history of the Koblenz. This 2011 Horticultural Show acts as a driving force for business and tourism during the spring and summer months before the German winter grips the city again.  Akin to the Olympics or World Cup the Horticultural is a prize several cites bid for, and just the same design firms vie for. The winner for the Koblenz show was RMP Landschaftsarchitekten, a Landscape architecture firm out of Bonn. They are the same firm that designed the Schloss Dyck park with all the Miscanthus reed grass fields.

Below is the largest park of the show (which we failed to visit, due to the closure of the cable cars that span 900 meters across the mighty Rhine), it offers wide vistas of the Rhine and Moselle rivers. the majority of the planting beds are located in the historical ‘clear field of fire’ field where the forest was kept at bay in order to insure the aptitude of the battlements.

These 27 hectares (66.7 acres) is dotted with covered passageways along the periphery of the imposed grassland which instructs the garden’s visitors to slow down and claim their stake on the site as new themed areas appear.  The area near Fort Bleidenberg is dedicated to the subject of play. This takes the form of an imaginatively designed play space including a natural adventure climbing area.

The Blumenhof core area at Deutsches Eck has a dedicated cultural theme. This area of the garden show is in close proximity to St. Castors’ Church and large equestrian statue, which culminates at an inviting piazza where one can stop and enjoy a glass of wine, watch street artist spray paint, or simply enjoy the H2O play area ornately placed next the fierce collision of the dueling currents of the Moselle and Rhine.

Images sourced from: Garden Visit and Bundesgartenschau 2011


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  1. this is amazing stuff

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