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This installation was constructed for the Jardins de Métis/Reford Gardens’ Annual Avant-Gardening Expo in Quebec.

As described by the artist, this “semi-reflective equilateral triangle (20 x 20 x 20 ft) provides an intimate, courtyard-like enclosure that both frames and intensifies the perception of the forest. Within the enclosure, the colour of the glass establishes a sense of spatial definition, while its semi-reflective surface creates surprising perceptual readings that change with the conditions of light and the visitor’s position towards trees and angles at which glass corners meet. From the outside, the installation is physically understood, but its receptor quality transforms it into an enigmatic object.”

This inverted courtyard creates an illusion of a void in the forest. It plays with the accepted perception the forest as this opaque screen. Instead, the edges create the perception of distance, void, and enclosure.

source: Réflexions colorées 

(Hal Ingberg, Réflexions colorées, 2003-ongoing. Photo by Louise Tanguay, courtesy of International Garden Festival, Jardins de Métis/Reford Gardens, 2006.)


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  1. If a mirror is erected in the wood and no one is around to see it, does it make a reflection?

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