The Amish: Poster Children of Sustainability?

Amish have lived for decades without electricity.

Earlier this month Travis brought up the idea of looking to rural communities for sustainable ideas. To continue this topic, a good example would be the Amish community.

Living out in the country, people may feel isolated due to the lack of modern conveniences located nearby. However it is because of these lack of Walmarts, and grocery stores, residents are forced to grow their own food, raise their own chickens, and milk their own cows. Out of all the rural communities however, I think it will behoove us to take a close look at the Amish. The Amish have thrived in close knit rural communities for decades and they actually survive without cars, without electricity, and without the local grocery store. Could they be the most sustainable people in America? What sustainable practices can we learn from them? I think this group of people are often overlooked by the sustainable community for whatever reason, but their practices are smart, environmentally friendly, and sustainable.



  1. consider this headline from (Reuters) – “Eight members of a traditional Amish sect were behind bars on Tuesday after refusing to pay fines for failure to display orange-red safety triangles on their horse-drawn buggies.”

    “Graves County Jailer Randy Haley said Tuesday that the men brought Bibles with them when they reported to jail late Monday night and were give dark-colored jumpsuits and sandals to wear instead of the standard orange coveralls. All were placed together in a large holding cell.

    This is one example of clashing of ideals!

    But they choose to listen to selected parts of the bible that require such a Cartesian modus vivendi

  2. […] far we’ve had two articles (Travis’s and Tyler’s) on Didactic Discourse written about where to look for the solutions to our environmental problems; […]

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