Reconstructing the Color of Paradise

Benidorm, Spain

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This urban work is now the beautiful seascape in Spain, following the wake of big Brazilian Master Roberto Burle Marx, mixed with some touches of Oscar Niemeyer with a magnificent result.

This seafront design involves a very interesting “Niemeyeresque” structure, minimizing the footprint and gaining surface of sand. At the same time, this intervention acts as a shaded perimeter under the upper path, at sand level… it basically relieves the old idea of a sea wall of pyramid steps or a wooden board walk. This compilation of rhythmic colors if far mor suitable for the spanish sea bathers.

The colors, playing in their own sensual ways, create a dialogue with the constant soft waves of the Mediterranean. This results in a promenade designed with very interesting criteria; the program addresses inherent constrictions dealing with the cusp of the sea and shore. First, the width required by a seaside promenade must allot room for the vehicular traffic, pedestrians and an interface between the two levels (sea wall, sand and tide fluctuations). The second requirement is for a large amount of sand and seascape for beach activities. Therefore the promenade can’t be minute and un-related to the culture it serves. At the same time it must not be too obtrusive to the beach. However pretty and integrated in designed form, it cannot replace real SAND and BEACH.

Forgetting all the architectonic analysis of the project in terms of geometry, axis, and transitions, the most important aspect of this project is that it is refreshing and transmits a contagious joy that surely will make people happier during  their summer vacation, while adding a joyful view from their hotel rooms.

link to the firm website: OAB

image source: Abitare




  1. That’s amazing. Imagine Galveston applying a similar technique along the seawall.

    1. Do they have the money..???
      Even though its supposed to be a major American Port, not to mention all the oil. Galveston is fairly poor.
      I think they should kick all the permanent residences (rich people ) out of the coastline and turn them into miles of national parks.

      1. Do they have the money for THAT?
        You can’t just kick people out… you’d have to pay them. AND if they’re rich I would imagine it would cost a lot just to get rid of them… not to mention putting infrastructure for a park in.

  2. The cheapest and most efficient method of kicking people out and declaring protected coasts would be for a Cat 5 hurricane to decimate Galveston. Natural disasters are free, after all.

    1. I agree with travis’ thought. When has the government EVER given anyone Full market price for the land they are taking under eminent domain??
      Answer: NEVER!!!!

      Also about 20 % of Africa’s coastline is preservation parks!!

      1. … even if the government didn’t pay full market value it’s still going to be a lot since they’re more than an average person’s home.

        And no one lives in Africa. The whole continent could be a preservation park.

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