Milk in School

Travis: there was a really good debate on choco milk vs. regular milk

i saw something on tv or read about it

can’t remember


the debate was if choco milk should be served or not

bc if kids aren’t offered choco milk, they may not drink regular

so would we rather have them drink SOME sort of milk that is full of sugar

or no milk at all

Jen: but if they get rid of choco milk then they should also get rid of sodas and high fructose juices



reg milk

Alexander: they add sugar to school milk

it is like soda

milk is meant to fatten kids up

Travis: sodas are out of nearly every school

Alexander: but they still have milk!

Jen: they need to drink milk

just not the kind loaded with sugars

Travis: but the fear is that kids won’t drink milk at all if that happens

Jen: i’m sure they’ll get tired of drinking water

and they’ll drink it sometimes

Alexander: the MILK has sugar ADDDDED

it is like soda

Jen: the solution is not to AVOID MILK it’s to change the QUALITY!

Travis: alex doesn’t understand

Alexander: we are the only animal that drinks milk of another species

and the only one to drink m after infancy

Travis: blame the dairies. they’re the ones doing this. like oak farms.

Alexander: think about it

Travis: it is a source of calcium

and iron

Alexander: broc has calcium

oak farms is telling u it has cal and iron


meat lobby and dairy lobby are ur lecturers

Travis: it’s illegal to advertise ingredients that aren’t present

just fyi


and i’m not saying drink milk and don’t eat any other nutrient sources

Alexander: ya right

Jen: obviously u can’t get all ur nutrients from 1 source

you need diversity!

that’s the theme of life!!

Alexander: milk and cheese should be eatin as a pleasure food

like soda


and cake

yes choco and red wine are good for u

but ONLY in limited amounts

a lil wine and cheese every day is healthy

Travis: i can’t believe you are saying milk is a treat

Alexander: but a gallon of milk is like a night of binge drinking

after the age of 10

it IS

tell me another animal that drinks milk

after infancy


Travis: humans also aren’t herbivores. and can’t live on grains alone.

it’s idiotic to compare us to animals

Alexander: we are animals

Jen: never did we say children should drink a gallon a day. the whole message has been diversity of nutrient

sources. and ur being hypocritical for saying NOT to drink milk. everything in moderation! that’s what we’ve

been saying!!

Alexander: and i know we are supposed to be omnivores

but no adult should drink it

i guess its ideological to


not a source if sustenance

as pleasure

Jen: ok. if u say no adult should drink milk

then ur also applying it to dairy in general

and if ur argument is that no other animal drinks milk after infancy then the argument also applies to everything else

no other animal farms?!

should we forage?

Alexander: im NOT saying everyone should be veggies

understand that


drinking milk = farming

not drinking milk = foraging

Alexander: im just saying that we should push so much sugary milk on our school kids

no no

i believe u are confused

Jen: and we’re saying healthy (not sugar pumped) milk should be an option!

you are trying to take an argument and apply it to one factor and saying everything else doesnt count

ur argument is invalid

find a different basis

Alexander: ya but most milk is horrible

from a husbandry point of view

have u seen the factory dairy farms in new mex


Jen: yes. i agree.

Alexander: so there’s another point

Jen: but that is a quality issue

Alexander: so u condone it

u cant afford to have grass fed organic milk in schools

Jen: when the problem is. we dump sh** in our water. the solution should not be to stop drinking water

it should be to clean it! and stop dumping sh** in it

im arguing the reasoning

i’m saying milk in moderate amounts is important to add to diversity of diet. BUT i’m not condoning drinking

milk pumped with hormones and such

Travis: yeah. and that our diets have EVOLVED from the time we were squirrels

Jen: exactly.

Jen: ok. i found the scientific answer for the milk argument

Alexander: just one ?

Jen: animals don’t drink milk past infancy because they lose the enzyme to digest it

therefore being lactose intolerant

and humans used to be like that



… but not everyone

people of european descent and african descent aren’t lactose intolerant because they needed the nutrients

from milk

it was a geographical and survival thing

people who live up north don’t get enough vitamin D from the sun, so they needed to drink milk

and the ppl in africa needed it for the calcium and protein because lions were trying to eat them and they had to

be strong to run away


back then food was highly dependent on the seasons so in the winter the # of nutrient sources was lower


if ur not lactose intolerant. it’s ok to drink milk as a nutrient source in a moderate amount

reason. backed by scientific fact. suck on that!

Alexander: soo

ur saying our diet evolved when we started animal husbandry


say 3 k years

Jen: yup

Alexander: but i am saying animal husbandry is an artificial amendment to our intrinsic diet

and add


after the tech allowed us


Jen: but it’s all part of evolution

you can’t say it’s not natural

Alexander: i can

forget the cow and we can still live

and thrive

Jen: you can also say forget broccoli and we could still live

Alexander: no!

Jen: you could get the same nutrients from alternative veggies

Alexander: ok

Jen: it’s like how certain things don’t grow in other geographical areas so they have alternative

Alexander: but more diversity is better

Jen: yes.

Alexander: but that diversity doesnt include vodka

and milk

aka white Russian


Jen: but who are you to state what is and isn’t important

Alexander: ?

Jen: literally. u are a no body. and haven’t done any research on it

Alexander: 20 yrs

of research

Travis: i can live without broccoli



  1. I haven’t done extensive research on the subject, but being a health nut I have learned a lot about nutrition and I have to agree that the school systems should not take away milk completely. I think they should as has already been said improved. Dairy is an important part of a healthy diet and especially in children. I can’t remember at what age Ive read that it is healthy for a kid to start drinking fat free/skim milk, because I have read many articles where It’s argued that all people at a certain age should not drink anything other than skim milk. That whole milk and even 2% are bad for us.

    And yes definitely get rid of the chocolate milk. Too much sugar and artificial flavors, etc. In my experience when I was little milk was forced on me, but luckily because my mother knew better than I, today I love milk and believe It helps me stay healthy. So yes kids are difficult when it comes to eating and drinking things that are good for them, but if we let them do whatever they want then it will be our fault as the responsible and logical adults. They will eventually try it, drink it, learn to love it. It takes about 7 times for a baby/toddler to accept a new food presented to them. And I agree as well that everything in moderation is key. And that we need variety in our diets which would include dairy aka milk. It’s so yummy!

    Got milk?

  2. Arianna your point of view is a result of an ad campaign. summed up by your closing statement. Science should be a greater influence on what you put into your body, rather than the Dairy lobby.

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