Beyond Your Typical Pumpkin Patch

Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden in the Fall 2011.

Something to rival their Spring tulip display, which will be a future topic!

Here they make use of the wide variety of colors and shapes one can find in a fall garden. Juxapostition of contrasting color combined with expravagant numbers form these humble yet exciting displays just before the winter cold sets in.

A celebration of a faux harvest of the paying public (those who might not have the pleasure of growing food).

seen at Paradise Express



  1. Pretty! But the first two things I thought were “how much did all those pumpkins cost and what poor souls had to clean them all up afterward?” Also, what do you think they did with them after the displays were concluded?

  2. paid for by the members of the arboretum also the visitors. So, paid for by the people who enjoy them. Afterwards, they probably sell for animal fodder or human fodder(pumpkin seeds and pie!).

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