Subversive Plots!

Roger Doiron shares his ideas on how gardening is a subversive activity. “Food is a form of energy, it’s what our body runs off of, but it’s also a form of power.”

By encouraging people to grow their own food, we in turn encourage them to TAKE POWER. Take power over their health, power over their food, and power over their own wallets.  At the same time we would be taking that power away from someone else, the people in society currently holding this power.

He continues to say that in the next 50 years, we will have to grow more food than we have in the last 10,000 years. We will have to take on this enormous task with less; less oil, less water, less farmland, less climate diversity, less diversity, and less time. 31 minutes is the amount of time the average American uses to prepare, cook and clean up after a meal. In those 31 minutes we will have to factor in growing food as well.

Doiron makes a case to grow gardens for a multitude of reasons, including saving more than $2,000 a year and knowing where your food comes from (knowing it is safe, nutritious, and fresh).

watch his full talk at: TED

image source: Macomb Food Initiatives Group


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