Lauren Coleman: Terrarium Guru

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Coleman’s empirical landscapes display a wondrous understanding of hierarchy, focus, and balance of color and form, all at a cute scale.  Air circulation holes serve as magnifying peeps into the tiny worlds she harbors. Using a blank and white growing medium, she places all the emphasis of the composition on the plants or stones. The result is a whimsical sphere of fluff and spikes.

Lauren Coleman creates terrariums inspired by the desert landscape native to where she grew up in California. Mixing a lifelong fascination with plants and years of experience working in the flower industry, Coleman formed Lítill, a line of spare and sustainable hand blown terrariums. In part inspired by a wish to create an alternative to the short-lived nature of cut flowers, Coleman’s terrariums are a way of expressing the therapeutic presence of plants and flowers, and of bringing a moment of nature into the home.

Via: Paradise Express; Johanssen-Gallery 


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