Valentines in the Garden

Just like retail stores getting ahead of themselves I will also get ahead of myself and plan how I am going to spend Valentines this year. One of my favorite holidays is Valentines Day and in the spirit of the season I would like to share a special event that the Atlanta Botanical Garden is having this February. They call it ‘Valentines in the Garden.’ (Must have taken them some time to come up with that one). Since Valentines lands on a Tuesday this year the botanical garden will be hosting this special event the weekend before – Tuesdays are not very romantic, but Saturdays are. For a mere $30 you can treat yourself and your loved one to an evening full of cocktails and dancing, desserts and live entertainment, and… err you know what I mean.

It’s also the only time you can enjoy their special exhibition called, Orchid Daze: Hanging Gardens. This special exhibition will feature thousands of dramatic hanging orchids that cascade with lush, fragrant beauty. “There is no better place for escaping the cold, gray winter doldrums in Atlanta than at Orchid Daze,” said Mary Pat Matheson, the Garden’s Executive Director. And no worries If you are single they will sell you a ticket too. I have never been to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens so I am seriously considering attending.

Source: Atlanta Botanical Garden


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