Algae-chic Cyber Gardener


Hydro Organisms Responsive To Urban Stimuli

“Developing hyper-realities, regimes of intense exchange between the artificial and the natural, the designed and the accidental”

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ecoLogicStudio has unveiled a new exhibit called H.O.R.T.U.S.

Bringing a whole new outlook to “greenhouse gardening”, this garden hangs delicately from the ceiling.  Each bio-dome contains varieties of algae. Each is linked to a highly interactive social media board that displays information, specific to individual bio-domes, of the algae’s growth based on visitors interaction.  The eloquent exhibit displays a beautifully painted picture of the human and nature paradigm.  Using one’s smartphone, the exhibit allows you to interact with the ongoing ecological processes within the exhibit.

“Each algae sack has a long clear plastic tube into which visitors are encouraged to gently blow, oxygenating the algae with the carbon dioxide in their breath. QR codes on each bag give anyone with a smart phone detailed information about the algae they just helped nurture”

Visitors can then tweet about the organisms and their QR scans (a virtual barcode of downloadable information) help them grow a virtual social media garden on the display screen nearby.  The “roots” of these organisms extend beyond their bio-domes into the social networks on the internet.

The display will record these networking interactions over the course of a four week period. From light radiation and carbon dioxide to images, tweets, and bio-stats, this information will write a story all it’s own.  Urban bio-gardening just might be the foundation of future social media epidemics in the creation of living urban landscapes.

Twitter may move conversation, but will the power of conversation one day move mountains?


Sources: AA School of Architecture, Ecologic Studio



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