High Line, Low Line, and the Lines In Between

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The 1903, unused, and long neglected Delancey Street subway station of New York City is getting a light-lift.  Located in the heart of New York’s Lower East Side, this proposed park takes NYC High Line park to a whole new level, the lower level through the development of an underground park system.   Using NASA crafted fiber-optic tubes, this subway tunnel will infiltrate natural light in an exciting futuristic way.  Trees and vegetation will fill the once tiled floors of the subway corridor, creating spaces for the Lower East Side community to gather and play.

“It’s the kind of space that childhood daydreams are made of.”

Designers and founders, Dan Barasch and James Ramsey, have long let this idea live in their minds.  Finally this 1.5 acre “Low Line”, an underground urban park, is underway. Log-on to Kickstart and be a part of making NYC Lower East Side a place to be.




  1. I absolutely loved seeing how an abandoned rail system was transformed into High-Line Park. But, I have always been a fan of underground designs. Turning a subway system into a public space is an exciting opportunity. I wonder if the designers may expand their ideas later to develop an underground greenway system that could connect more underground parks to one another and create a pedestrian transportation network? Transportation network or not; this is a very cool idea.

  2. I think it’s interesting, because they always tell us people don’t use ‘sunken’ spaces, but I do think that the infrastructure of the subway is unique enough to attract people. Before if someone mentioned an underground pedestrian network… I’d think of mole people, but with these NASA fiber-optic tubes I actually got really excitied. I think that is an awesome idea Jesse!

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