Starbucks Amsterdam – “The Bank” Concept Store

The newest of Starbuck’s concept stores is definitely cool. Departing from the image we’re all so used to, Starbucks is putting some serious effort into “re-defining the atmosphere” of their stores. But it makes me think; didn’t these big corporate stores crush out most of the local businesses that had all of this personal touch and uniqueness Starbucks is now trying to achieve? Walmart is in a similar situation. They crushed all the small local competition for the corporate trophy, and now they’re trying to change their image by progressively pushing “green” tactics. But, weren’t those local businesses more sustainable than Walmart could ever be? Both stores should be commended for their efforts to improve, but let’s not forget where they came from, what they stand for and what they did.

… with that out of the way, the design of ‘The Bank’ is pretty awesome.


Starbucks Coffee have recently opened special concept stores around the world. Their latest concept store known as “The Bank” will open in Amsterdam this week.

Starbucks’s New Coffee Experience ‘Laboratory’ in Amsterdam

In a few days, (March 8), Starbucks will open a new concept store in Amsterdam. With its ‘Slow’ Coffee Theatre, hyper-local design, floating community gathering spaces and  on-site bakery, Starbucks ‘The Bank’ is a glimpse into Starbuck’s vision of the future.

While over the last few years Starbucks has gone to great lengths to reinforce the superlative quality of its coffee and products, under the radar they’ve been re-defining the atmosphere in which we drink it. In Seattle, New York, London, Paris and now Amsterdam, Starbucks has been stealthily unveiling unique, highly individualized and local concept stores across America.

The Laboratory

Situated in a 430 square meter (4,500 sqf) subterranean space in the vault of a historic bank…

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