Floating Landscapes and Social Structures

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Net z33 by Numen is a social sculpture of interwoven nets that provide a floating landscape and a massive community hammock. When I saw people rolling around, it brought me back to the DZ days. The Discovery Zone was the more exciting Chuck-E-Cheese. Instead of being centered on video games, it promoted exploration and physical activity with tunnels, nets, and I may remember a zip line of sorts.

Left in an open plaza or park, this structure is definitely intriguing enough to beckon bystanders into action. I believe that it does so because it’s calling out, “Yes! Adults you can come play on me. It’s OK!” While open to all ages, it highlights the idea that adults need play too. There’s plenty of research as to why children need play for development, BUT there’s also research of its benefits for adults. Are you in the need for creativity, productivity, contemplation, confidence, and happiness? You don’t need a structure of nets! However, we should be designing our everyday environments to be more playful for all ages.

Remember the Piano Stairs? Fun while promoting physical health!

Via: Landzine

More info on play.


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