Jellies from the Depths of Japan

Considering that 70 % earths surface is water, it would be foolish of us to neglect the oceans of this blue planet. With James Cameron recently returning from the depths of the Mariana, shedding light on the lunar like landscape of the deepest point on the surface of the earth, attention is turning to the oceans.

With these whimsical images shot by Russian biologist Alexander Semenov, he give us an idea of secrets this last frontier still holds. This last frontier (not astronomic) is instead in our own backyard, simply waiting to be explored !

Semenov, working as the chief of his diving team at the White Sea Biological Station, has captured some of these extraordinary photographs of jellyfish. You can see more images in his photo galleries or you can follow him on Flickr.


Via :  This_is_Colossal


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