last shuttle voyage

Nearly 400 trees will be cut down in Inglewood and South L.A. to make room for the space shuttle Endeavour as it rolls through the streets of Los Angeles.
“While we sincerely regret the loss of many majestic trees which have aided this community for decades, what we accomplished through this agreement is a greener South L.A. for the health of our community, as well as educational opportunities at the Science Center for generations to come,” said a statement released through the Neighborhood Council groups’ attorney, Gideon Kracov.

‘In addition to the extra trees, the agreement calls for larger trees to be planted, $400,000 toward tree trimming, and up to five years of tree maintenance. The California Science Center also agreed to provide at least 10 scholarships to area students, pay $100,000 to an education fund and train local teachers in science.’

We must entertain the idea of community sacrifice, for the sake of a once in a lifetime experiences  How can we judge the importance of the presence of the presences to make way for the past. But, not only the past, but the perseverance of the past into the future for more generations. to educate the future or prolong grandiose accomplishments. to experiences it on an existential level.

Shall the distant community suffer for the greater sense of education? Or perhaps they do benefit as well; a front row seat to gawk.

shuttle journey time lapse

Via::LA times


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  1. ridiculous.

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