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High Line, Low Line, and the Lines In Between

The 1903, unused, and long neglected Delancey Street subway station of New York City is getting a light-lift.  Located in the heart of New York’s Lower East Side, this proposed park takes NYC High Line park to a whole new level, the lower level through the development of an underground park system.   Using NASA crafted […]

Andrea Cochran

The simplicity of her boundaries are set by juxtaposed elements of the natural and the man-made.  She uses the landscape as a canvas, painting with harsh linear lines and geometric sight lines. The photos of her work look to almost be art pieces themselves.  From plant materials to lighting schemes, her landscapes leave you restful […]

Algae-chic Cyber Gardener

Bringing a whole new outlook to “greenhouse gardening”, this garden hangs delicately from the ceiling. Each bio-dome contains varieties of algae. Each is linked to a highly interactive social media board that displays information, specific to individual bio-domes, of the algae’s growth based on visitors interaction. The eloquent exhibit displays a beautifully painted picture of the human and nature paradigm. Using one’s smartphone, the exhibit allows you to interact with the ongoing ecological processes within the exhibit.

High on Mushrooms

From coffee grounds to mushrooms, these modern day entrepreneurs make a grandma proud with their efforts in the “waste not, want not” category of generational advice. Can’t we all make “one man’s trash is a another man’s treasure” part of our daily practice in efforts to be self-sustaining stewards of our world?


Here is this vast, savage, howling mother of ours, Nature, lying all around with such beauty…