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End Water Poverty

Source: Online Masters In Public Health Advertisements

Life at Far South Nursery

Our good friend Travis has been working with beautiful plants at Far South Nursery in Austin, Texas. His photos show the beauty of everyday life outside, working with the dirt. Follow his Instagram or click over to our newly created Facebook album for more amazing photos!!

Chop Stick by Visiondivison

Visiondivision was commissioned by the Indianapolis Museum of Art to create an innovative concession stand for the 100 Acres: The Virginia B. Fairbanks Art & Nature Park. The design is based on the universal notion that you need to sacrifice something in order to make something new. Every product is a compound of different pieces […]

Kokedama Fever

The popularity of bonsai has spread to practically every corner of Earth. Now you often can find people selling truckloads of bonsai in parking lots and street corners. Bonsai lovers range from the masters who can sell pieces for thousands of dollars to the novices who can barely keep their store-bought plant alive. The new […]

A look into Frank Lloyd Wright’s Textile-Block Houses

“What about the concrete block? It was the cheapest (and ugliest) thing in the building world. It lived mostly in the architectural gutter as an imitation of rock-faced stone. Why not see what could be done with that gutter rat? Steel rods cast inside the joints of the blocks themselves and the whole brought into some broad, practical scheme of general treatment, why would it not be fit for a new phase of our modern architecture? It might be permanent, noble beautiful.”

Infographic: Do It From Home!

Over the weekend there was some chat benefits from distance learning and telecommuting, and then a subsequent request to see more infographics about online courses. Most of the infographics that I found specific to online courses mainly focused on the future and trend of distance learning… which by the way, education is heading toward becoming a hybrid of online […]

Infographic: How Higher Learning Affects the Environment

Is getting a higher education bad for the environment? Well, with all that learning, students can definetly go off and do great things for the environment, but universities’ current operations aren’t doing the Earth any good. This inforgraphic shows the negative affects of higher learning but also illustrates the potential it could have if more people saved paper and gas by enrolling in an online class or college.