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Anthony Paul Landscape Design

Anthony Paul is based in the UK, where he designs intimate garden all over the world. He features colorful masses of plantings to gain some pretty dramatic personal gardens. ‘Great planting is the key to all stunning gardens and arrangement, choice and setting are paramount to good design. My large groupings create the drama in […]

Chichu Art Museum

    a site rethinking the relationship between nature and people.   The museum has a large area and is deliberately labyrinthine. We go through dark corridors, we find ourselves in bright rooms, you climb the stairs in a skylight, it soon descends a slope obscure … It was designed by architect Tadao Ando and opened its doors […]

Diego Gravinese

Paintings by Diego Gravinese. Take a second to really wrap your mind around these first three images…

Jaume Plensa

Jaume Plensa is a spanish sculpture artist who makes eteral and serene head and human figures, who have a beautiful presence in several varieties of open space. Whether they live on a green in realtion to a 18th century castle or are snug among the skyscrapers and street trees, they use their scale and lightness to add a whimsical distraction.

Andrea Cochran

The simplicity of her boundaries are set by juxtaposed elements of the natural and the man-made.  She uses the landscape as a canvas, painting with harsh linear lines and geometric sight lines. The photos of her work look to almost be art pieces themselves.  From plant materials to lighting schemes, her landscapes leave you restful […]

Candy Chang Part I: Before I Die…

Candy Chang is an artist, designer and urban planner (BFA in Graphic Design, BS in Architecture and Masters in Urban Planning). Most of her projects center on public space, facilitating a bottom up voice for the community. She has received lots of recognition for her work (including from the almighty Oprah), which is more than well deserved. While there are many, many projects, I’ve selected 3 to show on DD in a 3-part post: Before I Die, Sidewalk Psychiatry, and I Wish This Was.

Lauren Coleman: Terrarium Guru

Lauren Coleman creates terrariums inspired by the desert landscape native to where she grew up in California. Mixing a lifelong fascination with plants and years of experience working in the flower industry, Coleman formed Lítill, a line of spare and sustainable hand blown terrariums. In part inspired by a wish to create an alternative to the short-lived nature of cut flowers, Coleman’s terrariums are a way of expressing the therapeutic presence of plants and flowers, and of bringing a moment of nature into the home.