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End Water Poverty

Source: Online Masters In Public Health Advertisements

Infographic: Do It From Home!

Over the weekend there was some chat benefits from distance learning and telecommuting, and then a subsequent request to see more infographics about online courses. Most of the infographics that I found specific to online courses mainly focused on the future and trend of distance learning… which by the way, education is heading toward becoming a hybrid of online […]

Infographic: How Higher Learning Affects the Environment

Is getting a higher education bad for the environment? Well, with all that learning, students can definetly go off and do great things for the environment, but universities’ current operations aren’t doing the Earth any good. This inforgraphic shows the negative affects of higher learning but also illustrates the potential it could have if more people saved paper and gas by enrolling in an online class or college.

Infographic: How Much Oil is Left?

Peak oil is the point in time when the maximum rate of global petroleum extraction is reached, after which the rate of production enters terminal decline. Leading geophysicists predict that peak is either currently occuring, or will have occured by 2015. Meanwhile, demand for oil continues to increase at an extraordinary rate. Which raises the question….

Infographic: Life of a Paper Grocery Coupon

“The production of paper grocery coupons destroys 13.62 million trees each year. That breaks down to 1.135 million trees each month – roughly the number of trees it takes to fill New York City’s Central Park twice over. Only one percent of the newly-inked coupons sent to consumers’ homes by way of weekly free-standing inserts (FSI’s) makes it to the grocery store checkout. Instead, a shocking 99 percent of the coupons are never used, heading directly to the recycling bin, or even thrown away. Those that do make it to the store are eventually shipped to clearing houses in Mexico. Track the journey of paper grocery coupons in this infographic.”

Greenwashed – The Truth About 95% of So-Called ‘Green’ Products

The green product industry has exploded in the last few years. Whereas ecologically produced and packaged consumer goods were once relegated to offbeat niche stores in liberal cities, they have now garnered the love and devotion of a good deal of the population. Great news right? Well, it should be. But as soon as ethically […]

Infographic – How Much Does Solar Cost?

With the prices of oil increasing, many people are looking for more cost-effective ways to power their homes, devices and vehicles.  Solar is becoming more and more popular.  While the limitless energy of the sun is the major perk, state and federal incentives are beginning to add a more economical reward for going green.  But, […]