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Infographic: Subsidies – Solar vs. Fossil Fuel

Over sixty percent of electricity in the U.S. is created by the burning of coal, an energy source that will enter a terminal production decline in just 20 years. Skeptics say that solar can’t compete on price without public subsidies, but the history of coal, oil, natural gas, and nuclear power shows that no energy sector was ever developed without subsidies. Coal couldn’t have competed with wood, steam, or watermills as an energy source without subsidies.


Koblenz Garden Show

So remember the Koblenz castle where they were setting up the garden show, right before the winter and spring? Well I thought I might show the resulting product. The federal Horticultural Show Koblenz 2011 was said to ‘dramatically transform the face of Koblenz the middle Rhine’s major town is being given a new, green visual identity.’ The […]