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Green Tsunami of Moravia

Photos from the Polish photographers Kedrovsky Marek and Krystof Brovko. Moravia – the historical region of the Czech Republic to the east of the Czech Republic. This is the edge of the meadow forests, vineyards and fertile fields. Via: ODDstuff_Magazine  Advertisements

Greenwashed – The Truth About 95% of So-Called ‘Green’ Products

The green product industry has exploded in the last few years. Whereas ecologically produced and packaged consumer goods were once relegated to offbeat niche stores in liberal cities, they have now garnered the love and devotion of a good deal of the population. Great news right? Well, it should be. But as soon as ethically […]

Eco Friendly and Chlorine Free: The True Potential of Swimming Pools

After spending three dark months shivering, I think I’m just about ready to bask in the sun and waste away my afternoons swimming. While fairly common in Europe (such trend setters), these pools are just starting to catch on in the U.S., and it’s a good thing too, because my hair is tired of the […]

The Städel Museum Renovation

  Designed by Schneider Schumacher, the renovations for the 200-year-old Städel Museum lasted a long three years. After extending its central axis to reinstate historic spatial arrangement, improving the central foyer and vertical axis circulation, providing wheelchair access, relocating the administration, auditorium and library to the west wing, and upgrading its energy efficiency, the Frankfurt museum that houses […]

Sustainability is close to Godliness…

A couple of years ago, Pope Benedict VI discussed the importance of the environment and that  blatant destruction of God’s creation is to be considered a sin. So how is the Vatican fairing on sustainability and stewards of the land? Currently, the Vatican is the only Sovereign state that can claim carbon neutrality and soon […]


Incentives for Green Transportation: “Mo”

Whether you have a deep rooted interest in sustainability, or could not care less about saving the planet, chances are you have heard of and possibly taken advantage of a transportation share program in your own city or elsewhere. Whether it be renting a bike for a few hours to pedal through the streets of a […]

Rural Communities: So far behind, they’re ahead

With consumerism in the United States at an all time high, many steps are being taken by households and communities to be more efficient. Being a product of a rural community myself, some of the “green” ideas being considered in urban populations nearly seem like no-brainers, as they are practiced today and always have been outside […]