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Landscapes by the great Edward Steichen (1879-1973)

  early pictorialist photography. Via::Form is Void; wiki Advertisements

Trap of Illusive Sensations

pagodas, mausoleums, woods, et cetera photography by Andrew Polushkin   Via: Form is Void, Andrew Polushkin

Chocolate Hills of Bohol, Philippines

candy geography Via: wiki, paradise_express

Green Tsunami of Moravia

Photos from the Polish photographers Kedrovsky Marek and Krystof Brovko. Moravia – the historical region of the Czech Republic to the east of the Czech Republic. This is the edge of the meadow forests, vineyards and fertile fields. Via: ODDstuff_Magazine 


“… I want to make something imagined, not recalled? I hear the noise of my own voice: The painter’s vision is not a lens, it trembles to caress the light…” A vision of  the american industrial landscape. Paintings by an American, Charles Sheeler.  Wiki  (excerpt from “Epilogue” by Robert Lowell)


Water settling in a quarry. Sun splashed shades of tan, off white, and cream. A giant mine and its processes. Via:BUTdoesITFLOAT

Goran Jovanovic

Swampy, ethereal tree portraits as well as humans, used as secondary elements in broad or intimate landscapes. Via: FFFound; Flickr