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Intimacy of Nature

these lovely photographs taken by Antonell Ozoffoli .

The Edge Effect

One might assume these serene images are an instantly found. But hold your preconceptions for one second while we inform you that Daniel Kukla, the photographer, spent a solid month in a tiny cabin in the notoriously lonely Joshua Tree desert in order to get this project just right.

Pause, plus Others

“Pause”, a brilliant photo series by Özant Kamaci. Toronto, Canada.   Via: BOOOOM, Ozant

Landscapes by the great Edward Steichen (1879-1973)

  early pictorialist photography. Via::Form is Void; wiki

Trap of Illusive Sensations

pagodas, mausoleums, woods, et cetera photography by Andrew Polushkin   Via: Form is Void, Andrew Polushkin

Flying Swarms of Everyday Objects

photography of Thomas Jackson Via: This_is_Colossal, Artist’s website

Chocolate Hills of Bohol, Philippines

candy geography Via: wiki, paradise_express