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Intimacy of Nature

these lovely photographs taken by Antonell Ozoffoli . Advertisements

The Edge Effect

One might assume these serene images are an instantly found. But hold your preconceptions for one second while we inform you that Daniel Kukla, the photographer, spent a solid month in a tiny cabin in the notoriously lonely Joshua Tree desert in order to get this project just right.

Pause, plus Others

“Pause”, a brilliant photo series by Özant Kamaci. Toronto, Canada.   Via: BOOOOM, Ozant

Landscapes by the great Edward Steichen (1879-1973)

  early pictorialist photography. Via::Form is Void; wiki

Trap of Illusive Sensations

pagodas, mausoleums, woods, et cetera photography by Andrew Polushkin   Via: Form is Void, Andrew Polushkin

Flying Swarms of Everyday Objects

photography of Thomas Jackson Via: This_is_Colossal, Artist’s website

Chocolate Hills of Bohol, Philippines

candy geography Via: wiki, paradise_express