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Update of 2012 Presidential Candidates on Environmental Issues

Not everyone is an expert at everything, which is why we listen to the people who devote their life to the study of a particular subject, like doctors. If a doctor told me, ‘Yep, your leg is broken. Don’t walk on it for 4 months.” I would be inclined to take his word for it. […]

Perseverance: David and the Developer

When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on. – Franklin D. Roosevelt This story begins with an all too familiar ring: A developer has plans to build something grand, buys out all the homes, and a community disappears. Back in 2004, down in the southwestern corner of China, […]

Stripped But Not Naked: São Paulo, Brazil

Those who have an eye for it can walk through cities and take note of architectural and landscape architectural details. Some people appreciate the feeling of place created by the local community and their touch of “home” on the environment. It’s not easy though. In a not so subtle manner, advertisement has taken over almost every […]

2012 Presidential Candidates on Environmental Issues

POTUS Candidates and the Environment: How do they stack up? Politics is often a very tricky game that many of us “common folk” tend to shy away from for a variety of reasons, whether it’s the lack of unbiased information in the media or confusing legal jargon. We know what we care about, but how […]

Canadian Wind Farm (outfitnm.com)

The Quest for New Natural Resources

What will our landscapes look like if we continue to focus on finding new natural resources as opposed to minimizing our consumption? Apparently, energy resources are a big deal. The industry is frantically searching to find natural resources and use them more efficiently. Unfortunately, the “find” part is being prioritized too heavily. Recently, Michele Bachmann […]

“One Abandoned Yard is a Mess; 20,000 Abandoned Yards is an Ecosystem”

Cities all over the country are desperately trying to battle population decline. As people flee the city, vacant lots seem to be taking over. In the New York Times article “Finding the Potential in Vacant Lots,” Michael Tortorello gives insight to the slowly changing perception of the dreaded vacant lot. He describes Cleveland’s interesting approach to […]

I Love the Smell of Emissions

With the debt crisis being a hot topic, I’m surprised to find that the Republican Party is putting a grand effort into attacking environmental protection policies. Granted, the GOP is just making a statement, but what is their message? Yes, they want to support businesses and they would rather achieve optimal “money making” without restrictions, but do they truly believe that environmental restrictions are hindering their potential to save the American economy?