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Reclaiming Nature in the City: The Restoration of Cheong Gye Cheon

Earlier this month we posted a Design Spotlight of the plaza designed by Mikyoung Kim, that marks the beginning of the Cheong Gye Cheon Restoration project. Well, here comes the rest. This isn’t the Cheong Gye Cheon’s first nip and tuck, although this time around deserves a most improved award. Over 600 years ago, during the Joseon Dynasty, Seoul was chosen to become […]

High Line, Low Line, and the Lines In Between

The 1903, unused, and long neglected Delancey Street subway station of New York City is getting a light-lift.  Located in the heart of New York’s Lower East Side, this proposed park takes NYC High Line park to a whole new level, the lower level through the development of an underground park system.   Using NASA crafted […]

Detroit’s Capitol Park: History lost in sterile design

Addressing the urban blight of Detroit raises so many issues that it’s probably best left for someone’s thesis. Although I’m sure the city has been trying everything it can to bring people back to its urban core for quite some time, the last decade or so has given room for some serious redevelopment, and for the […]

Plaza del Milenio

Plaza del Milenio lies at an important intersection of two rivers, Esgueva and Pisuerga in Valladolid, Spain. The site is composed of an underground car park, a pavilion for cultural events, a public square and an environmental reserve. Each component was designed by different teams. EXP Architects designed the public square to redevelop the riverfront and reconnect with the historic district.

Sculptural Playground

The retrofitting of the “Schulberg” in Wiesbaden (Germany) has resulted in more than new paving and fresh trees in a once out-grown crack of a central square. The firm ANNABAU has decided to implement something for the kids as well as the parents (or care-takers who accompany them).The designers idea of a public space where PLAY is at the city center of Wiesbaden, has attracted people of all ages and ethnical backgrounds to meet, communicate, and of course, play.

Stripped But Not Naked: São Paulo, Brazil

Those who have an eye for it can walk through cities and take note of architectural and landscape architectural details. Some people appreciate the feeling of place created by the local community and their touch of “home” on the environment. It’s not easy though. In a not so subtle manner, advertisement has taken over almost every […]

“One Abandoned Yard is a Mess; 20,000 Abandoned Yards is an Ecosystem”

Cities all over the country are desperately trying to battle population decline. As people flee the city, vacant lots seem to be taking over. In the New York Times article “Finding the Potential in Vacant Lots,” Michael Tortorello gives insight to the slowly changing perception of the dreaded vacant lot. He describes Cleveland’s interesting approach to […]