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Reclaiming Nature in the City: The Restoration of Cheong Gye Cheon

Earlier this month we posted a Design Spotlight of the plaza designed by Mikyoung Kim, that marks the beginning of the Cheong Gye Cheon Restoration project. Well, here comes the rest. This isn’t the Cheong Gye Cheon’s first nip and tuck, although this time around deserves a most improved award. Over 600 years ago, during the Joseon Dynasty, Seoul was chosen to become […]

The Sea Tree: An Urban Supplement

This past January, Waterstudio.NL released their concept of the Sea Tree. They claim that an undisclosed client is already interested and they plan to have the structure realized within two years. The idea for the Sea Tree came to solve the urban density crisis. As our cities become denser, the difficulty and cost to set […]

Plaza del Milenio

Plaza del Milenio lies at an important intersection of two rivers, Esgueva and Pisuerga in Valladolid, Spain. The site is composed of an underground car park, a pavilion for cultural events, a public square and an environmental reserve. Each component was designed by different teams. EXP Architects designed the public square to redevelop the riverfront and reconnect with the historic district.

Reconstructing the Color of Paradise

Benidorm, Spain This urban work is now the beautiful seascape in Spain, following the wake of big Brazilian Master Roberto Burle Marx, mixed with some touches of Oscar Niemeyer with a magnificent result. This seafront design involves a very interesting “Niemeyeresque” structure, minimizing the footprint and gaining surface of sand. At the same time, this intervention […]

Delicate Touch of Urban Reuse Revival

For Lift11, an urban installations festival being held this summer in Tallinn, Estonia, architects Siiri Vallner and Indrek Peil chose a “weathered and deformed” pier as the site for their temporary intervention. “This way,” as the project statement explains, “a derelict and crumbling object can be revived as part of the modern city space, opening up the seaside area of Tallinn for local people and for visitors.”