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Candy Chang Part III: I Wish This Was

When redeveloping parts of cities one of the more daunting tasks is determining what the community needs. A lot of work goes into research and analysis, but Candy seems to have found a very simple way to figure it out in addition to fostering they ever elusive ‘sense of community.’ This project originally began in New Orleans and was inspired by vacant storefronts.


Candy Chang Part II: Sidewalk Psychiatry

Pedestrians in the city often find themselves walking in deep thought. A routine trip can prompt reflections on everything from future goals to last night’s dinner conversation. Sidewalk Psychiatry encourages self-evaluation in transit by posing critical questions on the pavements of New York City with stencils and temporary spray chalk. Now your daily ponderings and emotional problems can be prodded and treated on the go – and, best of all, it’s free of charge!

Off the Grid: Living within your means

Living within your means is a phrase that is commonly, and almost exclusively, used to describe how one should live in regards to their economic situation.  Living within your means and leading a financially responsible life were defined by Walter Updegrave, senior editor of Money Magazine, as “arranging your financial affairs so that you have […]